The EcoV

In this episode we move beyond just talking about our pet theories of automotive disruption and interview someone who is doing something about it.

Asymcar 8: The EcoV | Asymcar.

If you want to know more about Toyota’s secret sauce, why GM could not make an electric vehicle and how decisions are made in the auto industry then you should listen.

  • David

    Horace, Jim, thanks for another excellent, thought-provoking Podcast. Your guest Richard Marks was bang-on the money with the attitude of greedy, short-term investors and especially arrogant, myopic manufacturers who refuse to learn from others (GM not learning from Toyota).

    I’ve seen it myself in other industries, in my case the food industry.
    An example being a knobbly (uneven) candy bar had to be wrapped and the spec’s were set by Marketing & Purchasing!

    Wrapping that thing caused high rejection, reworking and scrapping, because the wrapper was too tight (to save cost) and had very little latitude for the variability of the candy bar. This would have been fine with a moulded candy.

    We should have let the packaging engineer from the packaging machine company help spec the wrapper length (like a rival food company apparently did) and we would have seen first-time quality increase significantly, along with a massive reduction in scrapped, badly wrapped product.

    Arrogant, money wasting, target-driven fools are a common feature of industry.
    Humble, inquisitive and inclusive managers are in short supply.

    As with all that you do Horace, excellent work and very interesting with applications in many other businesses or walks of life.
    Thank you.