Asymcar 9. Stasis: Depreciation, Brands, Information Intransigence

Horace and Jim discuss shopping online for used cars and how and why the value of cars disappears so quickly. The conversation drifts into information asymmetry, the declining interest in auto maintenance and the perpetual closed-loop auto information model. We hypothesize on the impact of the coming self-monitoring and awareness of the lives of vehicles. Finally we ask whether the dysfunction in the industry is the cause or the effect of the ancient integrated factory model and the sustaining auto eco-system incentives that impede transformation.

Asymcar 9. Stasis: Depreciation, Brands, Information Intransigence | Asymcar.

  • Chris from Chicago

    Horace–Always interesting to hear discussion about asymmetric information affecting markets, esp the famous lemons problem. You have often mentioned the job the internet is hired to do. Have you ever considered that internet is hired to perform a different job, that is, to reduce the asymmetry of information among its participants and that the most successful companies have successfully tried different formulas to reduce this asymmetry for its users? I have further thoughts on this if you are interested.

  • professortom

    Is anyone else getting podcasts with bad audio from Jim? Jim was ok at the beginning and the end of the podcast, but in the middle of the podcast, his audio was distorted like he had a weak battery. Then, he started echoing in addition to this distortion.

    Thankfully, Horace carries the show just like with The Critical Path. I’ll stick with the show for the insight, but it’s hard to recommend the show to friends if there are audio problems.

    • Christian Huund

      I have the same problem and noticed it to a lesser extent in past episodes. In this episode some parts I could not understand at all.

      • professortom

        Oh, yes, This kind of distortion has occurred in other episodes too, though as you point out, not to the extent that it occurred here.

        By virtue of the fact that Horace can hear Jim perfectly when the distortion is recorded, I’d say the boys have a bad cable betweene the signal and the recording device.