The Critical Path #140: Apple Earnings Call

In this special “live” version of The Critical Path, Horace gets the numbers just minutes before Apples January 27th, 2015 earnings call and dissects them live. The show picks up just after the call finishes with a quick recap and discussion of yet another record quarter.

via 5by5 | The Critical Path #140: Apple Earnings Call.

  • Christian Peel

    I enjoyed the podcast; if you do this for the next earnings call, please give us a bit more warning so we can listen live.

  • Horace – your comments at end of this podcast were excellent. As you note, a lot of Apple’s focus flows from their big picture perspective: their ability to (1) repeatedly ignore smaller opportunities that may “come and go” (netbooks, etc.), (2) hone in on bigger opportunities (that make a “dent in the universe”), and (3) continually improve their ecosystem and the details/quality of their products.