Post-keynote Apple event San Francisco – September 8


I will be presenting my latest analysis of Apple at the Sustain event in San Francisco on Thursday Sept 8th, the day after Apple’s keynote, along with Ben Bajarin, Carolina Milanesi who will alsob equipped with their latest market insights.


There is a time to disrupt and there is a time to sustain.

Sustain event is about understanding Apple’s levers of control to sustain the iPhone as it moves into direct competition with Android. We will also examine positions of top five technology brands: Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft.

Learn more about the event at Given he short notice, we are keeping this event on the small side so reserve your seat soon.

  • Sacto_Joe

    Can’t afford the session, but if you and PED are available for lunch, I’ll treat!

  • Sacto_Joe

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    What a rare pleasure to meet and speak with you, Horace. Are you planning on doing a video presentation of this? It was dynamite! BTW, you and Ben make a great tag team.)

    Just travelling back from seeing a presentation in ‘Frisco by Horace
    Deidu and Ben Bajarin. Talk about a tonic! I’m one rejuvinated AAPL

    Jotted down a couple of favorite sentences:

    Innovation equals marketable value.

    Meaning that creation, invention, etcetera don’t require marketability, but innovation does.

    China became Apple.

    Meaning to win the Chinese market, Apple didn’t have to become Chinese.

    Meaning China had to evolve to the point where it saw what Apple had to offer as both desirable and accessible.

    When will India become Apple? When what Apple has to offer becomes both
    desirable and accessible. I.e., when India becomes Apple!

    Apple patiently waits for the world to catch up to them.

    Another way to look at China became Apple.

    90 trillion potential engagements per year.

    Based on the root calculation that an iPhone is accessed an average of 80 times a day.


    My takeaway from the presentation; AAPL is hugely, horribly
    undervalued. It is valued as if net income will remain the same for 10
    years (including net cash), and then Apple will go out of business. It’s
    brand will vanish from the Earth. It will become a Blackberry.

    Possible? Anything’s possible. World War Three is possible, or some
    other cataclysm. But is it truly likely that Apple will suddenly fold
    it’s tent in 10 years? Some strong analysis showed why that is very

    It’s far more likely that Microsoft will fold than Apple. It shows
    all the signs of shrinking in importance. But that doesn’t mean
    Microsoft is showing signs of folding either, although it may stop
    growing, and may even contract, due to it’s heavy reliance on PC’s and
    the business world.

    So if MSFT rates a P/E ratio that’s more than twice AAPL’s, what does
    that say? It says that the market is behaving irrationally concerning
    AAPL or MSFT or both. And an irrational market is a market with real
    opportunity for those capable of discerning the rational.

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    @Horace, We miss your posts here!!!

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    Where’s Horace? It’s been a month since last post. Hope he is okay.

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    Benedict Evans is not writing blogs anymore, PED’s on a vacation, No new long form articles from DED on Appleinsider, and Horace has disappeared. Are all these guys having a party somewhere? Where should an Apple fan go these days to get some good reads?