Apple has accepted nearly 400,000 apps in 2.5 years

There are now well over 390,366 apps in the app store[1]

via 10,000 Apps! – Presented by :: 10,000 iPhone and iPod Touch applications in the iTunes App Store.

Since launch, December has been the month with the most apps added. In December 2008 3,800 apps were added, in 2009 25,517 and in 2010 it looks like we might get nearly 30k new apps.

That amounts to nearly 1000 new apps per day.

It also seems that 500k apps will have arrived by mid-2011. As the production of apps continues to grow one wonders if this new medium will turn out to become more popular than recorded music in terms of creative output.

[1] That includes about 65,000 inactive apps.