My talk at Tampere Goes Agile

Steve Jobs once joked that engineers think Hollywood writers do their work by drinking beer and telling jokes and Hollywood thinks building software is as easy as writing a check for the tech. In reality creating software and creating art are more similar than they are different. The phenomenon of mass market software in the form of entertainment has blurred the lines even further–making software has become more like making movies than making machines. There are lessons to be learned by all developers.

Developer as Artist

File Size 14.9MB, Talk duration about 30 min. Requires iPad.

What are books hired to do?

My talk at the TOC Frankfurt is available as a free Perspective download.

What are books hired to do?

[Originally presented October 9th, 2012 in Frankfurt Germany.]

I spoke about what books and other media are really hired to do. The basic needs of users are met by story tellers but the products of commerce often chase user attributes rather than their needs.

A talk on Manufacturing Miracles

My talk at the Tribute to Pike Powers is available as a free Perspective download.

Manufacturing Miracles.

[Originally presented October 8th, 2012 in Austin Texas.]

I present a short history of manufacturing ramps during World War II and the effects on the outcome of the war. A comparison is also made of value created vs. modern smartphone production.

Swipe Conference 2012 Keynote (Updated with audio track)

My Swipe keynote presentation is available as a free Perspective download.

Swipe Conference 2012 Keynote.

[Originally presented September 5th, 2012 in Sydney Australia.]

In it I present the history of personal computing and the shift to new platforms that foreshadows the dawn of a new era.

How Did the Mobile Industry Get Disrupted?

This is a talk I gave today at Aalto University. It’s a wide ranging talk and Q&A session lasting about 2 hours.

You can listen and see the visuals using the Perspective app on your iPad. Download the app (free from the App Store if you don’t already have it) and open the link below using the iPad.

How Did the Mobile Industry Get Disrupted.

Asymconf: The Introduction

The first of a series of padcasts capturing the Asymconf event is ready. This presentation includes a discussion on the formation of Amsterdam and the innovations that both made, and were made by, The Dutch.

It is the story of the Netherlands as seen through a disruptive lens.

The introductory remarks are captured with audio and video mixed with data and content as presented live.

The Story of Amsterdam is free.

View it using the latest version of Perspective on your iPad.

5by5 | The Critical Path #48: Asymmetric Competition

We turn our attention to the notion of competition. It’s a concept that has many contradictory connotations. What we anticipate as sporting or fair is never the way business or war is conducted. How should you think about this and why does it matter in every decision you make professionally and personally?

via 5by5 | The Critical Path #48: Asymmetric Competition.

Padcast: Reviewing Apple's Third Fiscal Quarter 2012

Here is the second Perspective “padcast” where I discuss:

  1. Top and bottom line growth
  2. iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac revenue growth
  3. iPad vs. Mac
  4. iOS product mix
  5. Other product line growth
  6. Gross Margins by product
  7. Pricing and revenue per unit by product
  8. Cash and cash growth
  9. Guidance and whether results were a surprise to management

The discussion is an audio presentation with animated, interactive motion charts which can be manipulated by the user.

It’s available as an in-app purchase for $0.99 on the iTunes app store via the Perspective iPad app.

A preview of Apple's performance in Q2

In anticipation of the earnings release tomorrow, I prepared a iPad-enabled audio-visual chart-based discussion of my expectation for product-level performance.

I discuss six topics in a historic context and the reasoning behind my expectations for the just-ended June quarter:

  1. Units by product line
  2. Unit growth
  3. Gross Margin percent (profitability) by product
  4. Pricing power in terms of revenue per unit sold
  5. Contribution to revenues for each product
  6. Contribution to margin for each product (i.e. profitability)

The discussion is packaged as a “padcast” which means you need to have an iPad and the Perspective App available on the iTunes App store in order to view the content.

It’s available for $0.99 here.