Apple Remarks to Investors in FQ1 2018 Earnings Conference Call, Categorized and Annotated

The following is a transcript of the comments from Tim Cook (CEO) and Luca Maestri (CFO) at Apple’s Q1 2018 Earnings Conference Call February 1, 2018. I color coded my interpretation of the comments into four categories: Grey: Background and promotional commentary Red: Strategy and signals of what management considers important and may include data beyond … Continue reading “Apple Remarks to Investors in FQ1 2018 Earnings Conference Call, Categorized and Annotated”

Silicon Valley

You’ve probably heard of Jony at Apple but probably don’t know about Johny. Jony is a celebrity executive known as the face of Apple Design. Johny is the executive in charge of custom silicon and hardware technologies across Apple’s entire product line. Under Johny’s leadership, Apple has shipped 1.7 billion processors in more than 20 models … Continue reading “Silicon Valley”

Wherefore art thou Macintosh?

Managing the Mac product line must be one of the most challenging problems at Apple. That may not be obvious given the product’s success. Consider what it has achieved: The product is in its 32nd year of market presence. A longevity that in unmatched by any other PC maker. Apple reached a top five position in the ranking of PC … Continue reading “Wherefore art thou Macintosh?”

The new switchers

During the last quarterly earnings call, Tim Cook said that Apple has seen the highest switching rate from Android ever. That there is switching isn’t surprising. We’ve seen many surveys which show higher loyalty with iOS than with Android. But it’s been very hard to spot the evidence in the data which is visible publicly. … Continue reading “The new switchers”

How iPad Educates

The fact that the iPhone is contributing over 90% of the operating profits in mobile phone sales has penetrated even as far as the Wall Street Journal. However, it’s not yet commonly known that the Mac captures a majority of personal computer operating profits, at least when considering the sale of hardware. My calculations suggest at … Continue reading “How iPad Educates”

How will we measure Apple’s Watch success?

It won’t be easy. The company will not be reporting the Watch segment revenues or (presumably) unit sales and therefore we won’t have an accurate unadulterated view of the business. In addition, the large number of products in the mix and wide price variance means that it will be difficult for analysts to determine demand and … Continue reading “How will we measure Apple’s Watch success?”

Significant Digits Episode 1 Part 1

Show #1: The Future of the Internet and Everything Part 1: The Internet is dead, long live the Internet The data shows the Internet growth will go through an inflection point. Should we panic or celebrate?   In this inaugural episode we open with the biggest question facing the biggest technological innovation of our time: the … Continue reading “Significant Digits Episode 1 Part 1”

When Apple reached parity with Windows

In 2013 there were 18.8 times more Windows PCs sold than Macs. This is a reduction in the Windows advantage from about 19.8x in 2012. This decline is mostly due to the more rapid decline in Windows PC shipments relative to the more modest decline in Mac unit shipments. Gartner estimates that about 309 million … Continue reading “When Apple reached parity with Windows”

When will smartphones saturate?

GSMA Intelligence reports provide valuable statistics on the growth of mobile networks. One in particular shows the history of regional smartphone penetration. I took the historic data and plotted it as follows: Note that I chose to model using the same logistic function that I have used to describe the US market (as measured by … Continue reading “When will smartphones saturate?”

Think local, act global

One of the curiosities of the mobile phone market is how vast it is but also how heterogeneous it has always been. I wrote about this in 2010:  Smartphone parochialism: How operator policies prevent or promote platform adoption. This observation was influenced by my time at Nokia where I became amazed at how differently users … Continue reading “Think local, act global”