An Interview by Eric Jackson: On Blogging, Apple And What's Next

My thanks to Eric Jackson for his thoughtful questions and post on You can read full interview here but I repeat a few non-biographical questions and answers here for discussion: An Interview With Horace Dediu: On Blogging, Apple And What’s Next Q: Turning to Apple, where is it at right now as a company … Continue reading “An Interview by Eric Jackson: On Blogging, Apple And What's Next”

[Updated] The rise and fall of personal computing

Thanks to Jeremy Reimer I was able to create the following view into the history of computer platforms. I  added data from the smartphone industry, Apple and updated the PC industry figures with those from Gartner. Note the log scale. The same information is available as an animation in the following video (Music by Nora Tagle): … Continue reading “[Updated] The rise and fall of personal computing”

The Global Smartphone Market Landscape

There is finally enough information to try to give an estimate of the smartphone market as a subset of the overall phone market. The chart to the left shows the overall picture. To sum up: The smartphone market has now reached over 30% of shipments. Non-smart devices are at 69% of total. The individual phone … Continue reading “The Global Smartphone Market Landscape”

Assessing the Smart TV Opportunity

There has been increasing chatter about a new TV being developed by Apple. My opinion on the subject was summarized in the post called Tele Vision. I contend that a TV cannot be smart until the content it delivers becomes smart. The logical conclusion is that the value chain needs re-integration so that the component … Continue reading “Assessing the Smart TV Opportunity”

More media tablet hype

The iPad is still only slightly more than a year and a half old. Forecasting unit volumes has proven very difficult. But more than that it’s proven very difficult to appreciate the impact on the market it’s disrupting, PCs. For some people this is obvious, but what if you don’t live and breathe disruptive theory? … Continue reading “More media tablet hype”

The case against the Kindle as a low end tablet disruption

In an Harvard Business Review post Rob Wheeler makes the case for the Kindle Fire as a disruptive innovation. I believe that it is but crucially I disagree that the Kindle Fire is a low end disruption. My assessment of the Kindle Fire is based on the two attributes which Amazon highlights as the key selling … Continue reading “The case against the Kindle as a low end tablet disruption”

OS turning circles: Questioning Windows' maneuverability

[Updated with Mac OS versions. See footnote 3.] I’m glad Windows 8 is named the way it is. With Windows 7 Microsoft went to a numbering system which is much more rational than the mixed naming of the past. The number 8 actually corresponds to the actual sequential number of major versions of Windows released … Continue reading “OS turning circles: Questioning Windows' maneuverability”

A new era is only a new state of mind

The following interview was conducted by Bruno Ferrari a writer about technology for EPOCA, the weekly magazine of Organizações GLOBO, the largest Brazilian media company on March 30 2011. The article (published in Portuguese here) is an edited subset of the following exchange. Q: In your analyses, you mention tablets as part of a new era, the … Continue reading “A new era is only a new state of mind”