Smartphone Penetration in the US

This is active users in the US only.

iPhone now tops WinMo and is second only to RIM. The only line that is going down is the dumbphone category which lost 10 million users.

Those users were mostly switched to RIM and Apple. RIM gained about 4.3 million users and Apple gained about 3.5 million.

Android user base still lowest of all platforms and increased by about 0.6 million. They are likely to beat Palm however next few quarters. At this rate however it’s very hard to see an installed base that is going to challenge Apple for a long time.

Palm gained 0.44 million. Symbian gained 0.41 million. WinMo gained 0.3 million.

With a 1.4 multiplier for iPod Touch, the platform would have 12.5 million users, pretty near RIM’s base. We might see that tipping over next quarter.

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  • Do you see the monthly subscription price changing much over the next several years for smartphones?

    • Not as long as 4G is getting rolled out. Smartphones will make 4G usable. There was a time a few years ago in Europe when 3G was available but nobody was using it. This is because there were no "services" and thus no value in 3G for users. That was itself because there were no good devices. The first "service" the iPhone brought to the masses was browsing.

      In contrast, I believe 4G will quickly fill up with mobile computing services. Things like Facetime and media consumption will saturate the network.