Palm sell-through down 15% year-on-year

Smart phones sold to retail customers totaled 408,000 units, down 15% from a year earlier and 29% sequentially

By some estimates, Apple pre-sold more iPads online in one week than Palm sold smartphones through Sprint and Verizon stores in 3 months.  What’s more remarkable is that year-on-year decline implies Palm sold more Windows Mobile devices than WebOS which was not on the market a year ago.

link: Palm Narrows Loss but Retail Sales Decline –

  • The company said there are over 2,000 apps in the Palm App Catalog.
  • ASP was $367, down from $375.
  • Almost all volume was from WebOS products (Windows Mobile devices are gone)
  • For Q4, the company expects revenue to be less than $150 million.
  • Q4 gross margin likely in the mid-teens.
  • Guidance for $150 million in revenue, down 57% sequentially.

After hours market cap for Palm is about $833 million down 13%.  Expected revenue and ASP imply about 410k units will be sold into the channel in the following quarter.

Sources tell WSJ iPad to outsell iPhone within 3 months of sales start

Apple Inc. is still negotiating lowered-priced content deals from media companies for its iPad ahead of the device’s April 3 launch, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday on its Web site, citing unidentified sources close to the matter. Apple has already sold hundreds of thousands of the devices on pre-order, according to the Journal. The sources also told the newspaper that the iPad may outsell the iPhone within the first three months after launch.

My emphasis.

link: Apple still negotiating iPad media deals: WSJ – MarketWatch

That does not seem to be quite a huge feat.  The iPhone sold 1 million within 74 days and approximately 1.4 million in the first quarter.

With “a few hundred thousand” pre-sold it seems rather likely to me that an additional million for three months is not a stretch.

Microsoft Taketh Away

Summarizing the new Windows Phone 7 Series:

  1. No Multi-tasking — However, there are going to be notifications.
  2. No App Sideloading
  3. No App store other than the Microsoft App Store
  4. No Cut/Copy/Paste
  5. No Expandable Storage
  6. No Exposed File System
  7. No Shell Customization / Skinning
  8. No native applications (managed code only)

Funny how when iPhone came out and Ballmer laughed his head off, these were the “power” features that most pointed to in WinMo that made the iPhone a “toy”.

Maybe if people want an iPhone copy, they will get an iPhone.

UPDATE:  (via Gruber)

Catching up is hard. And based on what I’m hearing about iPhone OS 4.0, it seems likely that Windows Phone 7 is going to fall further behind before it even gets a chance to ship.