Microsoft Taketh Away

Summarizing the new Windows Phone 7 Series:

  1. No Multi-tasking — However, there are going to be notifications.
  2. No App Sideloading
  3. No App store other than the Microsoft App Store
  4. No Cut/Copy/Paste
  5. No Expandable Storage
  6. No Exposed File System
  7. No Shell Customization / Skinning
  8. No native applications (managed code only)

Funny how when iPhone came out and Ballmer laughed his head off, these were the “power” features that most pointed to in WinMo that made the iPhone a “toy”.

Maybe if people want an iPhone copy, they will get an iPhone.

UPDATE:  (via Gruber)

Catching up is hard. And based on what I’m hearing about iPhone OS 4.0, it seems likely that Windows Phone 7 is going to fall further behind before it even gets a chance to ship.