Announcing the Asymco Store and the first Asymco T-shirt

In celebration of one year of, the Asymco store is now open.

Home – Asymco Store

I am extremely grateful to Michael Burgstahler of Two Tribes design for leadership in creating the first t-shirt design:

Based in the home town of Mercedes Benz and Porsche, Two Tribes has been in the creativity business for 18 years with clients like Ricoh, State Bank of Baden-Württemberg, Bosch and Siemens. They even built an app “Favorelli” and opened a little shop for home decoration.

This masterpiece, along with a logo only version is available now.

  • kwyjibo

    I think this is the first geek finance tee design I've seen. Too geeky for me to wear, but cool nonetheless.

    • JonathanU

      One of my investment banking friends designed his own EBITDA shirt. Geeky, but when you earn enormous bonuses who the hell cares…

  • Abhi Beckert

    That’s a very cool shirt! My colleages would get upset if I wore it to work though.

    How much is international shipping? I went pretty far through the checkout process but it didn’t tell me.

  • Ignobilitor

    Are the logo-only truly already sold out?

    • asymco

      That was a mistake. Fixed now.

  • Anonymous Coward

    Was it intentional to look like meat and potatoes?

  • @Anonymous Coward: Um, "meat and potatoes?" Where do you see that?

  • Lemmy Caution

    $35 for a T-shirt? You have got to be kidding. Apple shares have not appreciated enough to pay for it.

    • Roger

      Actually, it's $42.00 with shipping to US. I like the design and the site, but I don't think I can spend that much on a t-shirt. (though AAPL is up 6 dollars today so I reserve the right to change my mind! )

  • Having a problem with the store shopping cart, it always adds the shirt size as medium, even though I selected large…

    • asymco

      I'm trying to find the cause. Feel free to order as I will confirm size by email before shipping.

      • aaplou

        Great! I just ordered 4 for me and 3 of my friends. Will wait for your confirmation emails since 1 tried to order 1L and 1M and got 2M…

  • Azazello

    Zune-brown? ;))
    what about SteveJ- black?

    • Well, fashion-wise, brown is the new black 😉

      But maybe Horace could enable some alternate choices that go well w/ the design.

  • dan

    I want a shirt with just the asymco logo and horace's face on it. this shirt is too apple-centric. horace is the MAN!

  • Jk

    Unfortunately from a distance many will think this is a rude t shirt… The design closely mimics the male member.

    • Marc in Chicago

      I resemble that remark!

  • famousringo

    Great design!

    I'd feel like a jerk for wearing it, though. It's like flamebait on your chest, no matter how true it is.

  • Is that a canoe in your pocket or did you just sell some AAPL stock?

  • KenC

    Nice, though I kind of preferred the giraffe graphic. I know more colors cost more.

    I would also just point out that American Apparel is the company where the CEO/Founder is being sued for sexually harassing his employees. His ads are barely beyond kiddie porn.

    Also, they're on the border of declaring bankruptcy.

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  • I'd pay the same price for a print of the graphic.

  • JonathanU

    I love the t-shirts – am very tempted. I think I like the logo shirt the best, but is there any way to increase the size of the logo? Also, is there anything on the back of the shirt, ie a larger logo perhaps?

    Similarly, would love to see some more designs…

    Keep up the great work.


    • asymco

      The logo may be a bit bigger than it seems.

  • Love it 🙂

  • Got my t-shirt yesterday. Thanks!

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