Blackberry Loves U2

BlackBerry – BlackBerry Loves U2

Last year U2 chose Research in Motion as the main sponsor for its tour.

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Blackberry might love U2 but does Bono still like Palm?

You might know Elevation for its most famous partner, U2’s Bono. In the summer of 2007, the firm committed $325 million to Palm in exchange for a 25% stake in the ailing handheld computing pioneer. By the following winter, the partners would up their investment by another $100 million.

Elevation has since sold some of its preferred stock, but according to Palm’s SEC filings, it still holds enough common and preferred shares to account for roughly 30% of the business.

Others who bought around the same time as Elevation are struggling with a 33% loss, and that’s after accounting for a $9-per-share dividend.

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Maybe Bono should pick up his Blackberry in between gigs and work on a deal between RIM and Palm.