Could the iPad become Apple's most popular product?

There were an estimated 228 million U.S. Web users in 2009, so if Apple was able to sell iPads to only one-third of those it would mean domestic sales of 76 million units.

Link: San Jose Business Journal

More interesting stats fromĀ Business Pulse survey by the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal that was conducted between March 16 and March 23:

  • 9% plan to buy right away
  • 23% said they expect to buy but can wait (total of 32% plan on purchase)

Additional survey data from comScore:

    • 65% awareness
    • 1% of those aware already ordered the iPad
    • 15% of those aware plan to buy within 3 months

    Another from Sybase and conducted by Zogby International surveyed 2,443 adults with a mobile phone, 770 of which own smartphones. Among the smartphone-owning respondents, more than half — 52.3 percent — said they are most likely to use a tablet device like the iPad to do work

    AppleInsider | No. 1 planned use for Apple iPad: working on the go.