NPD: iPhone is 65 percent of AT&T's smartphone volume

Much ink is being spilled over Android outselling the iPhone in the US in Q1.  Here’s what NPD survey data shows:

  • Q1 units for Android reached 28% vs. iPhone at 21%.
  • AT&T stated that they activated 2.7 million iPhones.  That is 31% of all iPhones sold by Apple.  Assuming NPD data is accurate, we can conclude that Android shipped 3.6 million units in the US or 65% of their total.
  • In a previous posting (Global smart phone OS shares « Asymco) I estimated, based on Canalys estimates, that global Android share reached 10% last quarter or about 5.5 million.
  • We can compute that Android captured only 4% of smartphone share outside the US while Apple obtained 14% share.
  • You can also observe that iPhone’s US share increased y/y while every other platform except Android dropped (implying that Android took share from everybody but Apple.)
  • NPD claims AT&T accounted for 32% of the smartphone market, and even though AT&T carried both Android and WinMo and Blackberry devices, 21 out of every 32 phones or 65% of AT&T’s volume were iPhones.
  • We can conclude that Android captured 34% of the non-AT&T US smartphone market.

The table below combines the NPD, AT&T, and Canalys data to show units for iPhone and Android in the US, Global and non-US regions.

One can only wonder what would happen if iPhone would be available non-exclusively.  Would iPhone achieve greater than 60% share as it did on AT&T?  Certainly that’s what happened in France.