Apple's Valuation Struggle Continues

asymco | Apple’s Valuation Struggle.

As despondency over Apple’s 75% earnings growth rate continues, it’s time to revisit the historic P/E in contrast to growth for the company’s earnings.

The latest chart (below) shows the company’s P/E ratio (in blue, left scale) vs. the trailing twelve months rolling growth rate (in brown, right scale) and the ratio between these two (in red, right scale).

The red line can be considered a form of PEG (Price over Earnings over Growth) with the caveat the the Growth is trailing not forward and hence is based on actual data not fictional analyst “consensus”.  I call this PETG (Price over earnings over trailing growth).

The actuals show that Apple’s price to trailing growth ratio is dropping to lows unseen since last year when the recession was still in effect.  At PETG below 20 the predominant sentiment displayed is extreme pessimism. 100 could be considered an even balance between pessimism and optimism. It now stands at 35.