Canalys: Android global share rises to 16% of smartphones in Q1 [Updated]

According to Canalys:

Usual disclaimers apply:

  • Only sell-through (i.e. not exact numbers that companies report as sold, i.e. excluding inventory in the channel)
  • Other includes Symbian devices not sold by Nokia, Microsoft Windows Mobile and various Linux, WebOS
  • iOS includes only phones, no iPads, no iPod touch, similarly Android includes only phones
  • Some of these numbers are approximate as they are based on partial data (Canalys does not publish complete share data and some must be interpolated)

Data used to build charts:

Overall the market grew 64% last Q, with Apple maintaining share y/y even though transitioning to a new model and draining channel during several weeks.  Android continued to experience over 8x growth which is phenomenal. Share was taken mostly from incumbent Nokia (-7), Microsoft (-4) and RIM (-3), though bear in mind that the whole pie grew by nearly 70%.


Canalys OS share data has become available and I’ve updated the charts and table.