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On October 5th, 2011 I asked Why is there no iPhone 5? The question was prompted by the pervasive media surprise that the 2011 iPhone launch was the “4S” and not a completely new design.

I answered this question with the conclusion that an iPhone “5” in 2011 would over-serve the market by offering more than most buyers would be looking for. That was because there could only be three groups of users the iPhone 4S would need to target: existing iPhone users, smartphone non-consumers and non-iPhone smartphone users. The majority of iPhone users in late 2011 who would be willing to upgrade were iPhone 3 or 3GS users and for them the 4S would be a huge improvement. Non-consumers would find the 4S attractive, as they would any iPhone; and existing smartphone users (mainly Android) would still be in their first contract and not likely to be looking to upgrade. Given the conditions at the time, the 4S was an adequate fit with customer expectations.

I wrote “The question will be very different a year from now when most early Android buyers will be looking for a new phone and when most iPhone 4 users (all 70 million of them) will be looking for a new iPhone. That would seem like a good time to introduce a new iPhone ‘5’.”

It is now a year hence and we can consider how these same three targeted user groups see the new iPhone:

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