Apple Investor Event 2023

I’m super excited to announce the Apple Investor Event 2023. This will be the third Apple Investor Event I’ve hosted but it’s been a long time since the last one.

The event will take place November 9th, 2023 in Downtown Boston Area (precise location will be announced soon.)

The program is a series of talks with data/visualizations on the following topics:

  • Products: Financial performance and market overview.
  • Services: Understanding synergies with products
  • Valuation: Measuring customer creation and retention
  • Growth: Opportunities in Products, Services and Geographies. Emphasis on new products in Spatial Computing.
  • Limits to growth: Market Saturation, Apple Silicon headroom, GDP growth.
  • Externalities: Competition, macro, China, regulation.

We are planning a very intimate setting. Sign up here. Tickets are extremely limited. Evening events TBA.